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Posted by: Chris Vannini on November 27, 2012
While Jon Embree’s firing at Colorado came down to the lack of success over two years, college football is now down one more minority coach.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said Tuesday he couldn’t defend Embree on his record, but his firing again brings to the spotlight the lack of chances minority coaches have gotten in college football.

“The reality of the situation is, let’s take a couple of things into consideration. The man lost by an average of 48-17,” Smith said on Sportscenter. “Didn’t win a home game for the first time in school history since 1920. Those things resonate. It’s hard to make the argument on his behalf, but here’s where he has a very valid point, and it’s something African-American coaches have lamented to me personally over the year.

“Dan Hawkins was his predecessor and had five years and five…

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