Kobe Bryant Shows Up to Lakers-Knicks Game Wearing Fur

The NBA has taken to the world of fashion like no other professional sports league in America. For whatever reason, basketball stars just seem to love playing dress up, practically killing the hipster frames trend for everyone else in the process. Well, no one’s going to accuse Kobe Bryant in following in Kevin Durant or Dwight Howard‘s Williamsburg-apropriate footsteps. Like always, Bryant is moving to the beat of his own drummer. On Tuesday the Lakers take on the New York Knicks at Staples Center, and Bryant strolled into the building looking like PETA’s newest target. We have no idea what kind of item Bryant is wearing, specifically, but it clearly appears to be some kind of fur, and it looks like it was alive not all that long ago. Who says superstar athletes don’t get high on their own hubris?