Stephon Marbury Ordered To Pay Mistress Over 300k

Written by Adrian Gregory Glover

Stephon Marbury is a unique individual that is loved in China.

In North America, the former New York Knick has a few problems.

According to TMZ, Marbury has been ordered by a New York judge to pay his alleged mistress/former chef the remaining 330k of a 900k debt that he took on so that she would remain quiet about their alliance.

Since when did groupies get settlement checks?

Since ball players started putting said arrangements on paper which is what Marbury did.

Marbury and his former personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell allegedly did things that Marbury should not have done while he was married and he agreed in 2006 to pay for her silence.

He has paid her almost 600k and is being forced to pay the remaining balance of $331,584.50 plus interest seeing that he allgedly stopped paying her in 2010.

There is so much wrong with this story that the details beg to stand on their own merits.

And they will.

The lesson learned here should be do the right thing and if you don’t don’t sign a contract with the side chick.

That may sound harsh but it is what it is and these situations can always be avoided.