by Glenn Erby | Posted on Monday, February 25th, 201

One of the keys to reigning supreme in the South Eastern Conference is signing the best recruits. In order to get those recruits to have establish relationships with them early in hopes of closing them later.

LSU and Alabama are not only two of the top programs in the SEC, but also in America. So it’s no surprise that both universities got the jump on recruiting 8th grade running back phenom Dylan Moses of Baton Rouge, (La.)

Moses received an early offer from LSU last season according to reports, and is reporting that Nick Saban made his offer to Moses during a Junior day event over the weekend.

The only thing is Moses is still in Junior high.

“We got the invitation to come to Alabama’s Junior Day a few weeks ago and to be honest we were kind of surprised,” said Dylan’s father Edward Moses Jr. “When we got there, Coach (Burton) Burns took us around and introduced us to the entire coaching staff and they all seemed very interested in Dylan. They treated him like a five-star recruit.”

“We met with Coach Saban after lunch and he talked to Dylan about his future and what he needed to do to achieve his potential as a student and as a football player. When he said he was offering Dylan a scholarship, we asked a lot of questions just to make sure we knew exactly what he meant. Coach Saban said the Alabama staff believes Dylan has a chance to be the best player in the country in the Class of 2017 and they were ready to offer him a scholarship. That’s when the fireworks started going off in our heads.”

Moses is already a 6-foot-1, 215-pound freak of an athlete, and as an either grader is bigger than most running backs in the South Eastern Conference now.

“He’s got most of his experience at running back and linebacker but I would like him to learn to play defensive back as well, though he might end up growing out of that position,” Edward said. “I think when you look at Alabama and LSU, they are two programs known for being the best developers of running backs and defensive backs in the nation so he really can’t go wrong either way.”

Moses will be attending University Lab High School this fall, which is about 800 feet from the LSU campus. It is that close proximity, that probably caused Saban to jump into the mix now for a player that will be in walking distance of Les Miles for the next 4 years.

“We aren’t putting any pressure on him with the recruiting process right now. I think the fact that this is happening so early for him is helping him mature a little quicker than most 14 year-olds would and I think that’s probably a good thing for him. Right now, all Dylan really knows is that LSU and Alabama are his favorites and he’s going to spend the next few years focusing on becoming the best player he can be. I don’t think he feels any need to rush his decision.”

The young man is only going to get better, and he’s the height and weight he is now, without having really established a weight program.

He is someone I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on for years to come. Here are some highlights of young Mr. Moses.