Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Will Barton has had a rather uneventful NBA season with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Barton, the rookie from Memphis who came to the Portland team with some hopes of being able to deliver the goods on various occasions for the Blazers, has been a role player who’s usually given less than 10 minutes a game.

With the season just a few games from being completed, Barton just hasn’t been able to find his strength at any one position to help this team.

However, he’s been sticking around and has been seeing some playing time in his bid to try to hang on to a roster spot next year.

Barton got his chance to shine for 10 minutes of action on Thursday’s 111-93 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. He was 1-of-3 from the floor but did show some aggression on the basket and took three free throws, making each one of them. He also had two rebounds and made a steal. He wound up with five points.

Barton’s point totals have varied this season but the Blazers have kept using him to provide them some minutes and to provide them with whatever type of offense and defense that he can.

He’s been reliable for them but whether or not that will keep him in the NBA next year remains to be seen. Especially if they don’t make the playoffs, the Trail Blazers should give Barton more time on the court before the season ends to see what his potential might be.