By Robert Littal Tim Pernetti

Exactly what was Tim Pernetti punishment, for allowing Mike Rice to stay on as coach after, he viewed the video of Rice’s bullying players?

Yes, he got fired (they want you to believe he resigned), but check out what he gets as a parting gift.

  • $1.2 Million
  • $12,000 a year car allowance
  • Full health benefits
  • School issued iPad and laptop
  • Gets paid his $1.2 million even if he takes another job
  • Rutgers can not say anything negative about him
  • Rutgers as to pay his legal fees for any potential legal cases in future

Someone please fire me ASAP. I can’t stand hypocrites. If Mike Rice wasn’t fired when Rutgers first saw the tapes, they are hypocrites for firing him after ESPN exposed him. They are hypocrites for firing Tim Pernetti and giving him a gift settlement.

Rutgers just looks bad at every angle and they should be embarrassed, because this is certainly an embarrassment for their university.