By Glenn Erby 


The NFL Players Association has sent a letter of inquiry to Roc Nation agent Kim Miale, concerning Jay-Z’s involvement in recruiting New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith.

According to Around The League, Miale will need to write the NFLPA a letter responding to the allegations, and depending on the facts, the matter then could be referred to the Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline, which regulates agents for the union. A hearing could also take place.

The recently instituted “runner rule” prohibits agents from having colleagues or friends who aren’t NFLPA-certified agents present for recruiting meetings.

A lot of the concern the NFLPA has stems from an Instagram photo that shows Smith and Jay Z together under the moniker #RocBoys.

The NFLPA is trying to say that Smith hired Miale not because of Miale but because of Jay-Z.  The NFLPA also inquired about Jay Z’s relationship a few weeks back.

I”m not sure that the NFLPA really has a case.  Smith is allowed to have a relationship based on the potential for a marketing and endorsement deal.

Smith’s excuse simply can be that he wanted to handle his business under one roof.