By Glenn Erby 

2013 NBA Draft Combine, Day 2

The 2013 NBA Draft is s little over two weeks away now, and with no clear-cut #1 pick, the rumor mill and guessing should heat up in the next week or so.

Former UCLA forward Shabazz Muhammad thinks highly of his skills, and is using the perceived disrespect of his game as fuel for the coming weeks.

Muhammad spoke with USA Today this week, and besides wanting to be the #1 pick, he thinks his game is vastly underrated.

“It motivates me a lot,” he says of the criticism he took last season. “Looking at it, I know what I’m capable of doing. The criticism is something that I have to deal with being the player that I am.”

“I think I really had an underrated season,” Muhammad says. “I think, to be honest, I had a really good season. As a freshman, too. But, like I said, all the hype and all that other stuff gets to you. I thought we should have won more games, but I thought I did really well. I helped my team win a Pac-12 championship, and in the end that’s what it’s all about: winning.”

Muhammad was considered the top prospect before the college basketball season started, now Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel, Kansas’ Ben McLemore, UNLV’s Anthony Bennett, Indiana’s Victor Oladipo and Georgetown’s Otto Porter are among the names you hear mentioned before Muhammad’s.

“I want to go as high as I can. Everyone wants to go as high as you can, but the best fit is perfect,” he says. “If you get the best fit, it doesn’t really matter if you go high. You can look at the guys who have gone No. 3, some go No. 10 that get a great fit and translate right away and make a big impact right away.”

Muhammad will now have to work dispel the notion that his game all hype and no substance.