By Robert Littal 

 Tawanna Iverson

If you really thought about it, it made no sense what Tawanna Iverson was saying. She filed court docs saying that A.I. had kidnapped their kids and she wanted him thrown in jail, but she knew where they were the entire time.

Either A.I. was the worst kidnapper of all-time or she was exaggerating. It turned out to be the latter.

Allen appeared in Fulton County court in Georgia last Wednesday and told the judge his ex-wife had full access to their kids during their stay at the hotel … and therefore he wasn’t doing anything wrong. We’re told Tawanna also testified that she could have picked up the children from Allen but didn’t want to drive 45 minutes to his location.

The judge agreed with Iverson and he wasn’t sent to jail. The kids were returned to Tawanna and that was the end of that. Seems like in this particular instance, Tawanna was just giving Iverson a hard time and he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Some reporters caught up with A.I. and he sent out this message.

“They say I stole my kids? That’s what they say?” Iverson said, but he refused to comment further, saying, “If that’s what you believe and people think I’m crazy enough to do, then so be it.”

“I ain’t never treated fairly, don’t expect to be,” he added before driving away.