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Marcus Camby- The Journeyman


Marcus Camby has averaged almost 10 rebounds per game over his 17-year career, playing with six different teams; he’s now signed with the Rockets. (USA TODAY Sports)

By Colin McGowan

Marcus Camby is still around. He’s set to spend at least one more year plying his trade in Houston, where he’ll occasionally spell Dwight Howard and Omer Asik while making the veteran minimum, giving a few fouls and looking familiar to those of us who have watched the NBA over the past couple of decades while he drifted from city to city. It’s difficult to pinpoint when Camby stopped being a pretty great center and started being a guy we associate with the past, but I remember having a fleetingly happy and sort of condescending thought when I caught sight of him — Oh, right, Camby’s still around! — at some point during his year-and-a-half stint with the Blazers, where he rebounded and swatted a shot here and there alongside LaMarcus Aldridge. It felt good, for whatever reason, that he wasn’t quite completely washed up.


It wouldn’t surprise anyone if this were Camby’s final season. He’s still a useful rebounder and isn’t a liability on defense, but he’s starting to come apart like someone about to enter their 40’s is wont to do. The erosion of his game has been mercifully slow, but Camby barely resembles the lithe, springy athlete he was when he entered the league in 1996. His almond-shaped eyes are now ringed by puffiness, and he moves as if he’s trying to be economical with a body holding a near-consumed reserve of basketball movements. He only played 24 games for the Knicks last season. He won’t be counted on for much in Houston; if Camby spends a year not quite healthy, sitting on the end of the bench in a suit, it’s not the end of the world. He’s not a factor when he steps on a basketball court anymore.

The unique thing about Camby is that he signifies lots of different things, depending on who you are. If you’re from Ontario, you might have been disappointed when the Raptors took Camby over Shareef Abdur-Rahim, and then never had a chance to fully appreciate Camby before he was sent to the Knicks. You might have been going to school at a CUNY when he was backing up Patrick Ewing, on that Knicks team that made it to the Finals during the lockout-shortened 1998-1999 season. Camby’s there in your memory with those other bludgeon-ball Knicks of the Jeff Van Gundy era: Houston, Sprewell and Mason.

Or perhaps you best remember Camby’s years in Denver, when he led the league in blocks for three straight seasons and was named Defensive Player of the Year in 2006-07, which means you also remember that Camby left town feeling that he had been blamed for the Nuggets’ lack of playoff success. (In Camby’s defense, he was what he was in the playoffs: a just-okay offensive player who defended well and hit the boards hard. The Nuggets’ failures had a lot more to do with Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony jacking up way too many 18-footers.)

There is no good reason I associate Marcus Camby with the Clippers, and my no-good reason is that I have an affinity for Baron Davis, which apparently is strong enough to override my desire to watch competitive basketball games. I watched a great deal of the 2008-09 Clippers squad, and they were uniquely awful — Davis had the gall to shoot a percentage that began with a three — but that wasn’t Camby’s fault. He played his customary 60-ish games that season. He looked awesome for about three months and then got hurt. Even when Camby plays spectacularly, it’s his own sort of spin on the spectacular, which is to say, he does what he does noticeably better than usual. He blocks one more shot and grabs four more rebounds. Maybe he gets that 14-footer working until it goes back to not working again. Marcus Camby had a nice year in that first year with the team; he crashed the boards and protected the rim and scored about as efficiently as he ever has. The Clippers went 19-and-63.

I didn’t watch the Clippers the next year, nor did I catch many Blazers games after Camby was traded, for the fourth time in his career, in the middle of the 2009-10 season. I lost track of him, which is what NBA fans do with Camby, and then all of a sudden you see him sitting on the bench while you’re making dinner during the back end of TNT’s Thursday night doubleheader. Oh, right — Marcus Camby’s still around!

 Camby won over fans in Portland, because that’s another thing he does. This piece from Jason Quick portrays him as thoughtful and low-key, the exact sort of dude you would want to go fishing with, while he kicks around some stories about practicing against Allen Iverson or playing cards with Zach Randolph. It seems just, in a way, that the last year-and-a-half of Camby’s post-prime, when he was still barely lithe and springy enough to do a pretty good impression of himself, was expended on a team that desperately needed a player exactly like Marcus Camby.


When you look at Camby’s Basketball Reference page, it yawns: just one long, unbroken line of double-double-ish numbers that illuminate what might be one of the least context-dependent players of his generation. He was what he was, wherever he went. And because he never stuck in one place for too long, all our memories of Camby are truncated in one way or another. Chances are you think of him as a hodge-podge of jerseys and performances, and perhaps a name that pops up on a lot of rap tracks because it sounds cool and more or less rhymes with a lot of things.

I’m not sure if anyone can say they’re intimately familiar with his career the way, say, a Mavs fan is with Dirk Nowitzki’s, or even as a basketball junkie might be with Shaq’s well-traveled NBA tenure. Shaq at least made noise wherever he was, and regardless of what team or players you were focusing on, you always knew what Shaq was up to because of headlines, highlights and talking-head shows. Camby was never quite a star, so he was allowed to drift relatively soundlessly through the league, with each fanbase that watched him go being kind of disappointed that he was leaving, then going back to not thinking about him on any kind of regular basis. When you’re only friends with someone for three years and they move away, you don’t call every weekend to check up on them.

The last time I really thought about Marcus Camby, the impetus wasn’t actually anything Camby had done. In the spring of 2012, I was researching the NBA Draft and couldn’t quite place Anthony Davis. I knew he was lithe and springy, but I was having trouble figuring out what he would look like within the context of the NBA. When I asked a friend about this, he brought up the idea of Marcus Camby 2.0. I lit up the way you do when something finally makes sense, and we talked for a while about how being Camby-like is a pretty great thing to be. Every time I watch Anthony Davis, I measure him against Camby; I compare and contrast the two in my head, based on the memories of Camby I have access to. Even when Camby isn’t around, he’s alive somewhere.


Colin McGowan is a writer and comedian living in Chicago. He edits at Cavs: The Blog and Cokemachineglow, and his work has appeared on Deadspin, The Classical and Salon. Oh, and he’s on Twitter, but you probably figured that.


FBI Says Aaron Hernandez Being Investigated for “Multiple Murders”

By Robert Littal

FBI is involved now and it looks like they are trying to pin several unsolved murders on Hernandez. That leads me to believe more people are talking and fingering him as the triggerman. If it becomes a Federal Case, he could be looking at the death penalty.

Skylar Diggins Becomes New Spokesperson For Nike Air Force 1′s

By Glenn Erby

It seems like Jay Z might be a man of his word, and is now cashing in on his promise to get all his Roc Nation clients plastered all over Madison Avenue. After snagging a Pepsi Deal for Robinson Cano, thacover2is reporting that Skylar Diggins is the next Roc Nation client to cash in after being named the new spokesperson for Nike Air Force 1′s. Last night the Tulsa Shock star took to Instagram to deliver the good news, and give a glimpse of the new ad campaign. Just one of many endorsement for the talented and athletic beauty.

By Kurt Helin

If you remember watching Kenny Anderson playing the game, you remember it was fun.

Best remembered as a Georgia Tech star then a New Jersey Net (although he played for a number of other teams), he wasn’t a great shooter, he gambled a little too much on defense, but he was a playground guy who figured out how to make that style and flair fit in the NBA well enough that he was an All-Star with a 14-year NBA career.

Since he retired after the 2005 season, he’s been pretty quiet (although PBT had him on a podcast earlier this year). Now he’s doing an off-Broadway show in New York and something came out of that which he discussed with SB Nation:

Anderson said he was molested twice as a child. Once by somebody in the youth basketball community (he was very clear it was not one of his AAU or high school coaches).

“I admitted I got molested twice,” Anderson said…

“I don’t think it killed me, like it killed some other kids that’s been molested. You can really take a lot out of a kid for the rest of their lives. I think without the fame, without the basketball celebrity notoriety it might have been more difficult for me….

“The bottom line, if I could help somebody and they see Kenny Anderson got molested and he’s talking about it, now people are going to come out and maybe be able to tell their story. I wasn’t going to do it, but the trigger went off for me and it just had to be done.”

He didn’t tell his mother or anyone for years, his wife only found out three or four years ago.

But with his new autobiography coming out (likely next March) he is starting to talk about it.

In the past year NBA player Keyon Dooling also admitted he had been molested as a youth.

The only way to really help future children from this predatory situation is to shine a light on it — people like Anderson coming out and talking about it. That may help others come forward and talk about it, to shine a light on the perpetrators whoever they are and bring them out in the daylight. Bring them to justice.

And if Anderson’s story helps one person with that, helps them know it’s not their fault and they can talk about this, then it was worth it.

Good on Anderson for taking this step.

Crime In NFL On Pace To Be The Worst In Over 10 Years

By Vashti

With the startling arrest and subsequent murder charge of former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, the focus on players’ off-season trouble has been in the spotlight more than ever. There were 30+ arrests of NFL players between the end of last season and now, a number that is up 75% from last year. Which begs the question is this a recent trend, or an issue that has always plagued the league? 2013 is on track to be the NFL’s most turbulent year in regards to off-field incidents. In stats provided by (information only dates back to 2000) arrests have generally declined since peaking in 2006 and not surprisingly most of the incidents were considered victimless and stemmed from DUI’s. When dealing with the criminal justice system it always important to remember that it is supposed to be built on the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty, and to note than an arrest does not mean guilt. So, how many of these arrests resulted in conviction? So far this year players arrested have only been acquitted eight time, and over the past five years the acquittal rate was only 26.88%. Please go to SeatCrunch to see some other interesting statistics like which teams have had the most players arrested and what positions are more likely to get into trouble. I must note that the majority of NFL athletes are upstanding citizens that give a ton to their community, but the recent trend is not good for the NFL and most importantly the players. Can some of these arrests be unjust…of course, but at what point do grown men start making better decisions. At what point do they stop surrounding themselves with yes men and women that won’t check them when they see them doing or about to do something that would be detrimental to themselves, their career, and others? At what point do they stop and think about how what they do now will affect them in the future? At what time do they stop being statistics?

 By Tj Llewellyn  

According to a report by Tim Polzer of Sports Illustrated via ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” Porter Fischer, the person responsible for sparking Major League Baseball’s latest steroid scandal, claims that athletes from other professional sports leagues, are included on Biogenesis’ client list. Fischer, a former patient, investor, and employee of the Miami-based clinic, alerted the New Times to the hidden scandal after Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch, refrained from repaying a loan. His intention, he said, was to spark a federal investigation. After seeing the names of local police, attorneys and a judge in the documents, Fischer said he wasn’t comfortable going to law enforcement. “I was really, really counting on somebody from law enforcement to come up and take me under their wing and have me as a witness in a criminal investigation, but that never happened,” he said. Fischer said he never asked the New Times for money and never went to any of the leagues for money. The former employee of Biogenesis, made it known that athletes from various sports were clients of Bosch. Fischer said he and associates have identified athletes from the NBA, NCAA, professional boxing, tennis and MMA, in addition to other professional baseball players who have not yet been identified. As far as he knows, Fischer said, Bosch had no clients from the NFL or NHL. He said the only sports entity he has heard from was Major League Baseball. Fischer claims that this scandal goes further back than many realize, saying that Bosch has been pedalling PED’s as far back as 2009. “This isn’t a 2013 thing or a 2012 thing; some of these people have been on the books since 2009,” Fischer said. “In just the four years that I know, it’s got to be well over a hundred, easy,” he said. “It’s almost scary to think about how many people have gone through [Bosch’s treatments] and how long he’s gotten away with this.” Fischer says that at one point he felt like his life was in danger and that he turned down $125,000 from the MLB for the evidence he possessed. “Once I turned them down for the $125,000, two days later they wrote me a letter instructing me not to destroy any documents and to keep them around,” he said. “Then two days after that on the 24th of March, I was transporting evidence back to the state investigator for him to follow up on some criminal activity, and my car was broken into and four boxes of evidence were taken. “I’m still amenable to working with them,” he added. “Because of this, now my employment opportunities are limited. I feel that I have something good to say. Just like anything else, I feel like my cooperation and compensation should go hand in hand or at least be evaluated.” At some point, all the details of this scandal will come to light and if what Fischer is saying is even remotely true, then the you know what, will hit the F-A-N.

JJ Redick Upset His Abortion Contract With Twodel Was Leaked

By Robert Littal

I understand why Redick is upset. He is married now, so I am sure it probably upset his wife. Also, being connected with one of the biggest NBA groupies around Vanessa Lopez isn’t the greatest look. But, here is what is funny about Redick’s reply. No one ever said Lopez was pregnant by him or had a abortion, but that is what he seems that upset about. I am not really sure what is he talking about and if you noticed he never denies the contract itself is legit. To be frank most people thought what Redick did was smart and more athletes should do it. The contract isn’t a lie (you can view it above), it has an abortion clause and he dated a groupie, that is all factual. Maybe his wife felt like he should say something. JJ Redick shouldn’t be upset with the media, he should be upset with whoever had access to that contract and leaked it to the media. Sorry it had to be him

Aaron Hernandez Is Close To Being Charged For 2012 Double Homicide

By Ashley

Seems like every other day another murder case gets linked back to Hernandez. Hernandez is due back in court on Wednesday for his involvement in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd. In addition to that, Hernandez is being looked at by prosecutors for his connection to a double homicide in Boston in 2o12. According to the Boston Globe via ESPN: With a Suffolk County grand jury probing the shooting deaths of two Cape Verdean immigrants in their car July 16, 2012, a law enforcement official tells The Globe, “the case against Hernandez appears to be strengthening”. Boston police made a possible connection between Hernandez and the double-homicide after he came under scrutiny in the June 17 killing of Lloyd. Let’s hope Hernandez’s troubled life serves as a warning for young men coming into the league, who are too scared to neglect their street ties. We’re just now beginning to understand the real Aaron Hernandez, and the more that comes out the more disturbing it is. So many lives thrown and taken away foolishly. Details still to come

Does Tim Duncan Wife Believe He's Gay?

By by Glenn Minnis

The estranged, soon-to-be ex-wife of NBA superstar Tim Duncan is insinuating that he may be gay as part of their ever-growing bitter divorce proceedings.

Attorneys for Amy Duncan are claiming she has long suspected her NBA All-Star husband might at least be bisexual and in a “longtime relationship with a man he met back in college.”

According to, Duncan met the man in college while at Wake Forest and “even shacked up together with him, under the same roof as Amy, during their first two years of the couple’s marriage.”

Reports are the still unidentified man only moved out after Duncan secured an apartment for him and the San Antonio Spurs star is now seeking to secure a gag order against his wife and her attorneys.

Yet another source tells the Yardbarker the couple’s relationship has long been on the rocks because both of them been cheating on each other.

“Amy treated Tim like a b*** throughout their marriage because she knew he was f**** his BFF. Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he’s willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn’t want Amy to tell the world that he’s bisexual,” Yardbarker reported a source close to the situation noted.

Earlier reports indicated that Amy Duncan initially filed for divorce back in March, stating that the couple’s marriage was “insupportable” because of discord and conflict. Subsequent reports indicated Duncan had hired a private investigator as far back as year before to tail his wife because he suspected she might be cheating.

The couple agreed to delay proceedings until at least 30 days after the end of the NBA Finals Duncan’s Spurs lost to the Miami Heat, but now contentions are again rising to the forefront.

Duncan’s attorney have indicated he plans to enforce the prenuptial agreement the couple signed at the time of their union, which came four years after he was selected as the first pick in the 1997 NBA draft. Just last year, Duncan inked a 3-year, $36 million extension with the team.

Dwyane Wade Will Pay His Ex-Wife $5 Million to End Divorce Saga

By Robert Littal

For the record here is what Siohvaughn Funches will get and has gotten during the couple six year divorce saga. $25k a month spousal support $10 a month in travel expenses $1 Million Lump Sum Mortgage Paid 4 cars Insurance Paid Taxes Paid Security at Home Paid All Attorney Fees Paid And finally……….

I know Siovaughn would maybe trade all that in for her kids and maybe Wade is a terrible person behind the scenes, but she needs to use that $5 million to get her life in order, so she can have a strong relationship with her sons in the future. One small tidbit remember when Siovaughn said her voice couldn’t be bought while she was ranting on the street? Well, according to ESPN part of getting the $5 million means she can’t speak negatively of Wade anymore. Everyone has a price. | Hang Time Blog

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