Stop Asking When Tiger Woods Will Be Back & Just Accept Him for Who He Is

By Robert Littal

Tiger Woods is still the best golfer in the world. The only difference is the gap between him and the rest of the world is a lot smaller. Fans are nostalgic, they want to remember their favorite players at their best and even when they falter, they hope and pray that their “perfect player” comes back. The reality is that doesn’t happen. Father time is undefeated, doesn’t matter who the player is they eventually fall off. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is sudden, but it always happens. Tiger Woods will never be BACK to the Tiger Woods he was in the early mid 2000s. It isn’t just about the porn stars, sex rehab or divorce. It was going to be impossible to keep up the level of dominance Tiger had forever. Maybe the cheating scandal sped up the process, but eventually it was going to happen. Tiger Woods will probably win another major or two before it is all said it done, but stop asking when Tiger will be back and just accept him for who he is now. The best golfer in the world, no longer at his peak who likes blonde white women. Nothing more, nothing less.