Does Tim Duncan Wife Believe He's Gay?

By by Glenn Minnis

The estranged, soon-to-be ex-wife of NBA superstar Tim Duncan is insinuating that he may be gay as part of their ever-growing bitter divorce proceedings.

Attorneys for Amy Duncan are claiming she has long suspected her NBA All-Star husband might at least be bisexual and in a “longtime relationship with a man he met back in college.”

According to, Duncan met the man in college while at Wake Forest and “even shacked up together with him, under the same roof as Amy, during their first two years of the couple’s marriage.”

Reports are the still unidentified man only moved out after Duncan secured an apartment for him and the San Antonio Spurs star is now seeking to secure a gag order against his wife and her attorneys.

Yet another source tells the Yardbarker the couple’s relationship has long been on the rocks because both of them been cheating on each other.

“Amy treated Tim like a b*** throughout their marriage because she knew he was f**** his BFF. Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he’s willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn’t want Amy to tell the world that he’s bisexual,” Yardbarker reported a source close to the situation noted.

Earlier reports indicated that Amy Duncan initially filed for divorce back in March, stating that the couple’s marriage was “insupportable” because of discord and conflict. Subsequent reports indicated Duncan had hired a private investigator as far back as year before to tail his wife because he suspected she might be cheating.

The couple agreed to delay proceedings until at least 30 days after the end of the NBA Finals Duncan’s Spurs lost to the Miami Heat, but now contentions are again rising to the forefront.

Duncan’s attorney have indicated he plans to enforce the prenuptial agreement the couple signed at the time of their union, which came four years after he was selected as the first pick in the 1997 NBA draft. Just last year, Duncan inked a 3-year, $36 million extension with the team.