JJ Redick Upset His Abortion Contract With Twodel Was Leaked

By Robert Littal

I understand why Redick is upset. He is married now, so I am sure it probably upset his wife. Also, being connected with one of the biggest NBA groupies around Vanessa Lopez isn’t the greatest look. But, here is what is funny about Redick’s reply. No one ever said Lopez was pregnant by him or had a abortion, but that is what he seems that upset about. I am not really sure what is he talking about and if you noticed he never denies the contract itself is legit. To be frank most people thought what Redick did was smart and more athletes should do it. The contract isn’t a lie (you can view it above), it has an abortion clause and he dated a groupie, that is all factual. Maybe his wife felt like he should say something. JJ Redick shouldn’t be upset with the media, he should be upset with whoever had access to that contract and leaked it to the media. Sorry it had to be him
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