Asking someone to rank themselves is an impossible task.
For example, if you asked me to rank myself among offbeat bald vegetarian D.C. sports bloggers whose Web sites have a misspelled word in their title, what are my options? If I say I’m not the best, then I’m admitting The Post is wasting its money and I’m wasting your time. If I say I am the best, then I’m a horrible egoist without any self-awareness or humility. Neither option is great.
John Wall faced that dilemma Friday morning. Filling in for Dan Patrick on his nationally syndicated show, SI’s Chris Mannix put Wall on the spot.
“All right, John, where do you rank among NBA point guards?” Mannix asked him.
“Me?” Wall replied, stalling for time.

“Where do you rank, yeah?” Mannix repeated.
“I’d rank myself the best,” Wall said. “Yeah, I’d rank myself the best.”
“Are you basing that on past accomplishments or are you basing it on what you think you can do in the future?” Mannix then asked.
“Just basing it on what I can do in the future,” said Wall, whose next few words were muffled due to him evidently transmitting his thoughts via a 1991 shoe box with a string attached instead of a cell phone. “I feel like I always can improve. There’s a lot of talented point guards out there, but I feel like I can hold my own.”
Incidentally, Mannix also touched on the issue John Feinstein raised when questioning the timing of this extension, asking Wall whether his play would have been affected if he entered this season with the deal un-done.
“I don’t think it would have affected me, but it would have been probably a lot tougher, because so many people would have been talking to me about it all season long,” Wall said. “And it’s kind of exciting and good to get it out of the way so I can just answer the questions now and do what I need to, and just focus on finishing my workouts for the summer and prepare myself for training camp this coming season and just basically go out there and just win. That’s the main thing people want to engage me on now, is just on winning.