This Saturday, the Texas A&M Aggies will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in what should be an epic rematch.

In last year’s iteration of the game, the Aggies defeated the Tide by a score of 29-24, shocking the sporting world. Not much can be said about that game that hasn’t already been said, which inevitably leads to hype for Round 2.

So intense is the hype that tickets to the game have broken the record for the most expensive average ticket price for a regular-season college football game. The record stood for two years after LSU and Alabama squared off in 2011 for “The Game of the Century.” Those tickets sold for an average of about $710.

In order to see A&M and Alabama this Saturday, patrons will be shelling out an average of slightly more than $760. Stub Hub has tickets starting at around $350 and rising well into the $3,000 price range. In comparison, Best Tickets is offering admission within roughly the same price range, but their preferred inventory appears to offer a bit of a discount.

The prices may be outrageous, but it just goes to show you that the law of supply and demand applies in every situation; even sports. The Tide are out for vengeance, and Johnny Manziel is arguably the single most-talked-about athlete of the past year. Kyle Field is a premier venue, and of course, there are national-championship implications for both teams entering this game. How could this game not demand a premium price?

For me, the fact that Johnny Football is involved with this particular game is intriguing; it’s fitting that the player who is currently under a microscope for allegedly making money off of his fame is playing in the most expensive game in the history of the sport. I for one have come to respect his unabashed arrogance and his “devil may care” attitude when it comes to the NCAA’s rules. Stick it to ’em, Johnny. Or I guess I should say gig ’em…whatever that means.